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Sign Refinishing, Repair & Maintenance

Nothing Lasts Forever. Give Your Signage the Next Best Thing.

At Image360, we stand by our signs, displays, and graphics.  No matter where your signs were made, we are ready to repair them.
Our expert staff & quality equipment is capable of repairing all types of signage.   

Want to renew your older sign?   
Restore - Refurbish - Renew - Reface

Let us breathe new life into your company’s signage with an innovative, tailor-made solution. Bringing your signs into the twenty-first century may be as easy as updating your dimensional lettering, swapping changeable letter signs for an LED message board, or refacing your older signs with new acrylic and logo designs. 

Need a Repair?  We Have a Solution:

We have the equipment and the expert staff to repair most any issues with your signs. We can fix those LED lights that have gone out & most any other types of repairs needed.
You’re only a phone call away from bringing your signs back to there original condition.

Sign Maintenance Just Got Easier:

Not every problem is a pressing one. Minor refurbishments and paint touch-ups are as common as they come, so there’s nothing wrong with scheduling routine repair services.

A sign site inspection can catch pest infestations, accumulating dirt, and water damage before they’ve created dangerous electrical conditions or permanently
damage your sign’s materials.

Weather the Elements due take a toll:

Many backlit sign faces contain UV inhibitors and special coatings to prevent sun damage, but over time, these signs will eventually start to breakdown.
This can cause worn-out colors, black vertical streaks, and yellowing.

Let us renew your sign faces at a fraction of the cost of replacement. At Image360, we clean, prep, and resurface signs to keep them looking as fresh again.

Present Your Business in the Best Possible Light:

Signs that require electricity will need more attention to keep up their brilliant colors. We offer light bulb replacements, upgrades in energy efficiency, neon/argon replacement, LED replacement, and more.

Our center has the expertize to provide lighted repair solutions. Don’t let the power go out on the lifeline of your business’s advertising. 
Contact Image360 to discover if we can meet your electric signage needs.
Call us @ 804-897-8500 


what our customers say

5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating!

The Team at Image360 was great through every step of the process from design to install. Their prices are great and their customer service is even better! Thank you Image360 for always taking care of us!

5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating!

The group at image360 did a great job for us. Originally my order was slightly wrong from what I requested. It wasn’t a big deal and the sign was still very usable. Bruce and the gang wouldn’t have it. They tried unsuccessfully to convince me to let them redo the whole order. The mistake was minor but they were insistent on making it perfect. I won the battle but they went above and beyond and were willing to do even more to make things perfect with no loss of time (they wanted to replace the signs the same day at no charge to me as it was their mistake). Quality product and even better service.

5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating!

Went above and beyond to make sure we had our last minute order in time for our event.

5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating!

Image 360 always produces high-quality signs with fair prices, and their team is extremely professional to work with!

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